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What is UFCSAH?

UFCSAH is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering Filipino-Canadian seniors in Hamilton and the surrounding suburbs. Established as an Ontario provincial corporation (#1746026) in August 19, 1995, its membership today includes 355 seniors from Hamilton, Lincoln County, Southwestern Ontario and Greater Toronto Area (GTA). All 355 are lifetime members.

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Our Mission

To empower Filipino-Canadian seniors in Hamilton.


5 Objectives

  1. Help Hamilton’s Filipino-Canadian seniors enjoy retirement, lead productive and social lives, and age with dignity and grace.

  2. Enhance quality of life for Filipino-Canadian seniors via educational programs, community activities, and special projects.

  3. Raise funds for charitable donations and donate to victims of calamities.

  4. Provide assistance to Filipino-Canadian seniors in hardship.

  5. Strengthen the relationship between UFCSAH members and the public via community partnership ventures that promote Filipino-Canadian seniors and their culture.

Our Vision

A world where any senior can live a socially productive, engaging, and positive life.

Our Guiding Principles

3 principles 

  • Spirit of compassion

  • Educate to empower

  • Dignity for all

Get Involved

If you live in or near Hamilton, get involved today. We accept volunteers regardless of skill level. Donations are also vital to our growth, as we use them for educational programs, community events, and special projects.